Single-Source Solution

Mentor Technical Group’s (MTG) global vertically–integrated value–chain provides clients with options for all their technical, support, and management solutions under one roof. In pursuing our goal of improving process efficiency and achieving objectives with minimum risk, we have earned a reputation as a Preferred Service Provider with many of the world’s most successful life sciences companies.

Project Gap Analysis

For companies to identify specialized resources that can help achieve their project objectives today’s regulatory and technology driven environment requires them to perform gap analysis on a continuous basis. Along with the available resources, MTG possesses the resident knowledge and experience to deliver solutions within your budget and schedule.

Performance Management

Performance Management is the cornerstone of our success. Employing risk–based solutions and best–business practices, we continuously monitor upstream outputs to control downstream input results. Functions that could impact preferred solutions we identify, analyze, and revise early in the process.

Cost Savings

We use project management software solutions (PMSS) and value–engineering models to achieve the goals of our clients’ Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs). To ensure we meet their expectations for each assignment, we document, monitor, and control predetermined solutions for process efficiency, quality, and cost savings.

Experts Who Deliver

Structured as a matrix–managed company, our core team of Business Unit Managers and Subject Material Experts (SMEs) has the expertise required to propose effective, tailored solutions that deliver the highest performance standards at the lowest cost. To ensure your expectations are achieved, we monitor processes that can result in obstacles, inefficiency, and distractions—and thus, lost time and money—on a continuous basis.